A gum graft is performed in cases where the root tooth is visible due to gum recession. When you hear the word “gum graft”, there is a strong chance you do not like the sound of it. Who would? It just sounds like a long and painful procedure. But the truth is this periodontal treatment protects teeth from damage caused by receding gums, or in some cases, it is a choice of aesthetics to improve the appearance of the smile. To learn more about this, continue reading or contact your local dentist plantation today. Whatever the case, your dentist offers a solution to any treatment related to your gums. Contact them so they evaluate your case and provide the best treatment.

Receding gums is the process by which the gum tissue surrounding the teeth is separated from them and collapses. In the case of the upper jaw, this effect is reversed, and gums are “up”. The tooth surface is more visible even to the root itself. Ultimately, the bone that supports the teeth can be damaged. The recession of the gums can cause tooth sensitivity as well. According to your local dentist plantation, a recession of the gums is not noticed until there is a clear change. Sooner or later, the process gets to the root and this increases tooth sensitivity, offering very little comfort. If nothing is done, you can end up losing the tooth at the hands of your plantation dentist.

The specialist will assess the type of graft necessary depending on the situation of the patient.


Connective tissue graft. In this procedure, a short piece of the palate and the subepithelial connective tissue is removed to expose the gum surrounding the tooth. Then the mouth-piece of tissue is put back in place again.

Free gingival graft. This type of graft is similar to the above, as it involves the use of palatal tissues. In this case, the entire graft is used for people who have gums that are too thin, and require additional tissue for thicker gums.

Gingival pedicle graft. This time palatal tissue is taken but is taken from the gum around the tooth that needs to be restored. The piece of tissue called a pedicle, is partially cut and then sewn. This technique is only used in people who have enough material around the tooth.


A graft is a surgical procedure that has excellent postoperative results. After covering the tooth root, you:

Protect the tooth isolated abroad.

Reduce or eliminate excessive sensitivity.

Improve the aesthetic appearance.

Learn about the many different services in periodontics and contact your local specialists for more information. They will be happy to answer your query. You can also visit westsideplantation.com to learn more.

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